How your Genes are Analyzed by our Experts

Gene Panel testing refers to analyzing small sequences of DNA, instead of the entire genetic material. This technique has proven to be very useful in diagnosis and management of common conditions like Diabetes, High Blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, cancers and so on.

At K&H, we use the latest technology for gene panel testing called the Next Gen Sequencing. It usually takes about 4- 6 weeks to get the results back.
Here’s how it is done:

K & H Approach Workflow

The Process Explained

Sample Collection

Sample Collection

Once your appointment is done, based on your examination and lab tests, a specific set of gene panel tests are ordered by the doctor. The blood sample for the test is collected in our clinic by our experienced technician.

DNA sequencing

DNA Sequencing

The blood sample is then taken to our genomics lab, which is a few steps away from our clinic. Our genomics lab is handled by a trained researcher, who then carefully prepares your sample for sequencing. It has multiple steps which include sample prep, cluster generation and finally sequencing.
For those of you who like visuals, here is an interesting video from Illumina on how sequencing is done.

DNA analysis

DNA analysis

Once the sample is sequenced by the Next Gen sequencer, the data then goes on to a secure server. Here, it is analyzed by our expert team by putting it through a proprietary pipeline of software. The output data is then cross checked by looking up genomic literature worldwide and a preliminary report is generated.

Report Generation and Follow up

Personalized Report

The preliminary report is then analyzed by the doctor, keeping in mind your current medical profile and latest medical guidelines. The final report then generated is discussed with you at your follow up appointment.
This final report helps in:

  • Curating a precise diet and lifestyle regimen
  • Precautions to be taken for high risk individuals
  • Changing medication regimen for maximum benefit with minimal to no side effects.