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  • What is genomics?
  • What does my genome look like?
  • What is Human Genome Project?
  • How is the Human Genome Project useful in the medical field?
  • Can I know everything about myself based on my genome?
  • What is personalized medicine?
  • What is Genomic Medicine?
  • Why haven’t I heard of this before?
  • How successful is genomic medicine compared to traditional medicine?
  • How long does it take for the test results to come back?
  • How is my genomic data stored? What about security issues?
  • Are other countries already doing this?
The study of genome is called genomics. Human genome is an instruction manual which helps every single physiological process and the growth of the human body. Your genome is unique to you. The knowledge of your genome will help you make better lifestyle choices and informed decisions about your health.
Human genome is made up of a set of chemical compounds referred to as Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA). Each DNA strand has four chemical units called nucleotide bases, Adenine A, Thymine T, Guanine G and Cytosine C. The arrangement of these four bases on the DNA strands determines the information carried by the DNA. A segment of DNA strand which codes for a specific human trait is referred to as a gene. So basically, genome is made up of several genes.
A huge milestone in the scientific world, Human Genome Project was finished in April 2003. Several countries participated in this landmark study which helped decode the human genome.
The data generated from this project has been used in medical research for diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and several other complex diseases. The results of which have helped the medical field to come up with improved diagnostics, more effective therapies and better treatment outcomes.
Partly, yes. Genome is a complicated instruction manual. While some human traits are completely coded by single genes, the majority of the traits are influenced by several genes. And these genes are in turn influenced by lifestyle and environment. The day to day choices made by you, in terms of what you eat, exercise, habits such as smoking all play a very significant role in human health.
In short, Genome does not determine your destiny, but the way you live influences your genome.
Personalized medicine refers to tailoring the treatment regimen for an individual instead of the usual ‘one size fits all’ approach. There are several ways it can be done. Personalized medicine has been studied extensively and has shown better patient outcomes.
Genomic medicine has taken personalized medicine to a whole new level. Genomic medicine is a way of personalizing medical treatments by combining genomic information with other clinical data. Since your genome is unique to you, treatment regimens which include genomic data are highly precise for your constitution.
Genomic medicine is a new concept, since genomic data has only become available in the last decade. It has been gaining momentum in many countries including the UK, Canada and USA. Genomic testing has now become widespread in the field of diagnosing diseases and creating treatment plans. Some countries like UK have made it a standard protocol, especially in the field of oncology. However, targeted gene therapies/ treatments are still in the trials.
Genomic medicine does not exist independently of traditional medicine. It is an adjunct to the traditional evidence-based medicine. Since genome is exclusive for each individual, treatments based on genome testing tend to be highly precise. When combined with traditional medicine practices the success rates are very high.
The usual turnaround time for gene panel tests is about 4-6 weeks. The blood sample will be collected in the clinic and sent to our lab for analysis. The results are then prepared by us and correlated to the rest of your medical profile. You will be provided with all this information and further management plan at your follow up appointment with us.
The privacy of our clients is extremely important to us. We follow industry standard safeguards to keep the personal information of our clients secure.
Yes. Genomic medicine is gaining popularity across the world among the medical fraternity. Many countries including the UK, Canada and the USA have medical clinics offering genetic tests. Genetic tests have become a standard protocol in most clinics across the UK. There are also direct to consumer testing kits available in the USA such as Ancestry and 23 and me.
Dr. Hima Challa

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